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Speed Connect is an integrated web and android mobile communication application designed for churches, groups/associations and personal use. With Speed Connect you can disseminate or share information with your members and the public. The platform is mobile responsive, secure, fast and cost effective and has a feedback feature.

Click Communications Limited, developers of Speed Connect also has developed a comprehensive Church Management System called SaintsBookPlus with about 30 service modules for effective administration of your church. Today, smart and forward-thinking churches are adopting technology to enhance their activities in the area of church data management and communication. Effective communication will help build trust and stronger relationship with church members, visitors and the general public. This is where we come in as your reliable partner.

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Speed Connect: Limitless Messaging

Speed Connect enables you to send targeted and personalized SMS and Email messages to individuals and bulk contacts. The system comes with a feedback feature which indicates read, unread and replied messages with option to send follow up messages. Unlike sharing messages on WhatsApp and Facebook group pages which limits you to a few contact numbers with low feedback rate and follow up, Speed Connect gives you unlimited space, flexibility and convenience to share text and any media file.

Churches, groups and individuals can use Speed Connect to share announcements, reminders, follow up messages, send letters, audios and video files using the phone numbers of the target audience.

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Speed Connect Features

We are resolved to providing users with all-in-one mobile communication platform for convenience and flexibility. In spite of the innovative and added value to the email and SMS services, our SMS credit unit cost less compared to the market price.

Speed Connect has useful tools to help you create groups and manage your contact list, make quick search, view records on read, unread and replied messages with option to send follow-up message. Our SMS service comes with a link for the recipient to reply the sender. Recipients of SMS and Email messages through Speed Connect receive automatic inbox account which they can login with their phone number and a default password. Recipients can reset their login password and can upgrade their account to user account to be able to use the platform to send messages. You can sign up for Speed Connect demo account to try the platform. You can easily purchase SMS credit on the platform via Mobile Money at any time at an unbelievable price.

Customer Service

24/7 Free Customer Service

We are on standby to guide you through and to address any concerns you may have; and to offer free consultation on how to promote your activities using Speed Connect.

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Data Security

Data Security

Please take time to read our terms and conditions; your data security and protection is our priority. Click Communications Limited is a registered company certified by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana.

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Unlimited SMS Service

Our SMS platform is fast and has high delivery rate. Our credit unit per 160 characters of message is comparatively low on the market. The default Sender IDs are Attention and ChurchAlert. If you intend to use your own Sender ID, contact us to activate your Sender ID at no cost. Recipients of SMS messages through Speed Connect reply the message through Speed Connect inbox and reply the sender.



Unlimited Email Service

Our email service is quite innovative; unlike the conventional yahoo and gmail address (name@gmail.com). With Speed Connect, one can send mail and attach document, video or audio files to a contact and bulk contacts without any restrictions. The system automatically creates inbox account for every number that goes through Speed Connect. The system sends SMS notification to the recipient containing a web link to login to inbox with the phone number and a default password to access the message. This presents a greater opportunity for groups and churches in particular to send educational or gospel videos and audios to bulk contacts and receive feedback.



Unlimited Voice Messaging

A Voice Messaging setvice will soon be integrated on Speed Connect. Users can send brief recorded audio message and send to bulk contacts. Our Voice platform delivers your campaign messages instantly. In case the contact misses the Voice call, the system sends automated SMS notification to the contact with a phone number to call to retrieve the missed audio message.